Thunder Down Under


A fart-tastically funny picture book from best-selling author, Timothy Knapman and debut illustrator, Steve James.

It's summer in the Australian outback and the animals can't WAIT to play out in the heat, trampling and stomping past tiny Numbat in their haste. Then suddenly, there's a sound . . . A blurt, a squeak, bloop and bungle. Then toot toot, parp and a flollop and flungle!

CRIKEY! Someone just farted!

It's huge and UNBELIEVABLY smelly - the fart is so enormous, it MUST have come from a big animal like Emu or Kangaroo, right? Well, little Numbat knows who did it, but NOBODY is listening! For who pays attention to someone so small?

Celebrating the power of little voices, this is a perfect rhyming romp for toilet-humour fans big and small. Ideal for children who love Poo in the Zoo, I Really, Really Need a Wee, Poo Bum and My Bum is so Noisy.