The Shapeshifter: The Complete Collection


When normal schoolboy Dax Jones turns into a fox, he is taken away by the government to a remote college where other children his age have also suddenly developed paranormal powers. He soon makes new friends – cheeky Gideon, who can move things with his mind, gentle Mia, who can heal people and spoilt madam Lisa, who is sick and tired of getting messages from the dead. As the Children of Limitless Ability (COLA) begin to develop their powers, Dax wonders whether the college is there to protect them, or to control them…

Former Blue Peter Book of the Year-winning author Ali Sparkes writes exciting adventures that keep children turning the pages right until the end, making them especially suitable for less-keen readers. Told at breakneck pace, this collection - aimed at children 10 and up - contains all six books from her bestselling Shapeshifter series.

Titles in this pack:

  • Finding the Fox
  • Running the Risk
  • Going to Ground
  • Dowsing the Dead
  • Stirring the Storm
  • Feather and Fang