The Boris Set - 3 Books (Paperback)




The Boris Set - 3 Books (Paperback)

Authors: Carrie Weston and Tim Warnes 

Recommended Age: 2 years +


Boris is a friendly and helpful bear but when he joins Miss Cluck's class and takes his first hairy, scary, grizzly steps into the classroom, everyone screams. Of course, Boris doesn't mean to be scary and all he wants to do is make some new friends. From Carrie Weston and Tim Warnes, this delightful trio of books also find Boris heading off an exciting camping trip, where he shows just how brave he can be, and becoming the star of the end-of-term show. These wonderful picture books not only feature a lovable hero, they also contain situations children will come across themselves as they begin at school and start to gain independence.

Titles in this collection

Boris Goes Camping
Boris Saves The Show
Boris Starts School

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