Sam Silver: The Undercover Pirate Set (10 Books - Paperback)




Sam Silver: The Undercover Pirate Set (10 Books - Paperback)

  • Author: Jan Burchette
  • Recommended Age: 7 years+
  • Pages: Varies
  • Dimensions: 19.7cm x 11.7cm


Ahoy! Sam Silver finds himself transported back in time after finding a message in a bottle on the beach near his home... This is just the start of a brilliant adventure. He finds himself on board the Sea Wolf amidst a crew of ungainly pirates, including the fearsome captain, and along the way, not only does Sam have to prove himself worthy of becoming a crew member, he also encounters ghosts, dragons and the attack of enemy ships! Suitable for children aged 7 and over, this collection of 10 chapter books is packed with rip-roaring fun, adventure and excitement.

Titles in this collection

  • Skeleton Island
  • The Ghost Ship
  • Kidnapped
  • The Deadly Trap
  • Dragon Fire
  • The Double Cross
  • The Great Rescue
  • The Treasure Map
  • The Sea-Monster
  • Dead Man's Hand

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