Moomin Adventures 3 Books Collection




Moomin Adventures 3 Books Collection 

  • Author: Tove Jansson
  • Recommended Age: Toddlers

Magical characters that have inspired young readers for over 65 years, the Moomins are introduced to a new, younger generation with these beautiful picture books.

Based on Tove Jansson's original stories, the captivating Moomin and the Birthday Button finds Moomintroll full of excitement about his birthday, but when he wakes up, no-one seems to remember... but who's that knocking at the door? Moomin and the Moonlight Adventure has the the family searching for treasure, while Moomin and the New Friend finds an expedition to Lonely Island almost ending in disaster.

Titles in this collection

Moomin and the New Friend
Moomin and the Birthday Button
Moomin and the Moomin Adventure

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