Maisy Goes to the City by Lucy Cousins


Maisy Goes to the City

Author: Lucy Cousins

Publisher: Walker Books
Age range: 3 - 7 Years
Product dimensions: 7.20 (w) x 8.80 (h) x 0.30 (d)


Broom, vroom, beep! Maisy and Charley are in the city visiting their friend Dotty, and there are many things to get used to - noisy traffic, enormous buildings, and sidewalks so crowded they have to walk very slowly (all the better for looking in store windows). Riding the escalator and elevator - and hanging on tight in the subway - are almost as much fun as exploring the giant toy store and eating pizza in a cafe. Even the playground is busy in the city!

Editorial Review

Another Maisy experience in her young life, this story has the mouse and her alligator friend, Charley, visiting Dotty, the donkey, in her city. They take the bus into the city where they experience loud traffic and huge buildings and crowded sidewalks. They learn how to cross a street safely and that there are many stores to shop in, with elevators and escalators. Maisy gets lost in the toy store, but the salesperson helps her find her friends. When you're young, going to new places can be scary and confusing, but this book will help ease fears and give pre-schoolers confidence to try new things. The illustrations are inviting and the text is simple. It helps that the characters are animals so they can do things on their own that a young child would not be able to do. The book has a place in a pre-school library and at home. Reviewer: Sarah Maury Swan