IWI or The Promise of Life (Hardback)


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Author : Stephanie Stiernon & Assia Bennani

Notes from the author...

... “Iwi or the promise of life” is about a boy, named Iwi. This is the story of life and the song of life. In Iwi’s tribe, a child’s life begins with a song. Each child has a melody. Its very own which will guide him through his life. And throughout the book, we discover the story of Iwi’s life and melody with vibrant illustrations.

Our idea is to give pleasure to the kids when they read it but also to parents who will discover a more universal and philosophic message behind.
A beautiful message about us all having our own song, the power of a village to raise a child and the passing of life’s lessons from one generation to the next. The book is published in bilingual, english and french.