Good Housekeeping Express (Hardcover


Cooking in a hurry has never been as necessary – and not just as fuel for our frenetic lifestyles, but also flavoursome, nutritious meals that give us pleasure. Each dish in this beautifully photographed book can be created in 30 minutes or less; the same time as waiting for the ping of a ready meal in the oven or knock of a delivery driver. From tasty and cheap chapters such as Vegetarian and Vegan to Cooking for One and Speedy Entertaining, this book has all eventualities covered for a delicious solution for every busy day.

Each one of the 130 dishes in this recipe collection has been Triple-Tested to ensure it works each time and tastes mouth-wateringly fabulous.

Hardcover : 288 pages

Publication : 5 September 2019.

Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 2.6 x 25.2 cm