Frog Stories Collection (12 Books)




Frog Stories Collection (12 Books) Paperback

The unsung hero of children's fiction, the tales of Frog are considered by some (but not by nearly enough) as modern classics. Tackling the issues that young children aged 3 and above can no doubt associate with - with warmth, humour and subtlety.

Filled with glorious illustrations, the simple tales of Frog saving the day, meeting a stranger, falling in love and much more will keep little ones entertained for hours and hours on end.

Perfect for sharing at bedtime or for taking out on car journeys one by one, Frog and friends will help children learn a number of incredibly important lessons and let them, simply, enjoy reading!

Titles in this collection

  • Frog and the Birdsong
  • Frog in Love
  • Frog is a Hero
  • Frog and the Stranger
  • Frog is Frightened
  • Frog is Frog
  • Frog Finds a Friend
  • Frog and the Treasure
  • Frog is Sad
  • Frog and a Very Special Day
  • Frog and the Wide World
  • Frog in Winter

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