First Encyclopedia Of Our World


An ideal book for children with lots of questions about the world we live in, such as 'Why is the night dark?' 'What is snow?' and 'What is under the sea?' This charming encyclopedia is full of simple, easy-to-read text and lively, detailed illustrations, introducing young readers to the basic concepts of geography.

Awesome illustrations which are mostly drawings, with a few photos as well, pleasant on the eye and full of detail in a way that gradually draws you in and allows you to talk to your children about what they discover on the page.

Also the type of information is well pitched for inquisitive 5yrs+

It's good for browsing and dipping into, so you can spend a satisfying five-ten minutes on any double-page spread, with topics like: 'day and night', 'storms and winds', 'volcanoes', 'following a river', 'useful earth', 'the web of life' etc. The one called 'Under the ground' is a great cross-section showing what is underneath us - under the soil, under the road and under houses, showing water pipes, foundations, people in manhole, rabbit burrows, etc.

Publisher : Usborne Publishing Ltd

Dimensions : 27.7 x 21.8 x 1.3cm

Pages : 64