Fireman Sam set of 4 books (Paperback)

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Fireman Sam set of 4 books (Paperback)

Dimensions: 13.7 x 15 x 0.4cm.

Titles included in this collection:
1. Lighthouse Lock Out
2. Sky Lanterns 
3. Wheel of Fire
4. Elvis in Concert


Lighthouse Lock Out:
In order to get out of cleaning Mike's muddy van, Norman locks everyone out on the lighthouse balcony so they won't get back until late. When Moose tries to climb to safety, he ends up stuck dangling half-way down the lighthouse.

Sky Lanterns:
It's the Chinese New Year and Mrs Chen's class are making sky lanterns to release up the mountain to celebrate. Unfortunately, the wind changes direction and they are told it could be dangerous to release them, but a devastated Norman 'accidentally' lets go of his and causes a forest fire.

Wheel of Fire:
Charlie is so busy correcting Gareth's haphazard preparations for the firework display that he misses a Catherine wheel nailed too tightly to the door of Bessie's shed.

Elvis in Concert:
Elvis is to be the star turn in Pontypandy's charity concert, and he is driving Steele up the wall with his constant singing. But when Elvis and Mike have an accident on the night and it looks like the concert might have to be cancelled, there is one person who knows the song well enough to stand in for Elvis, if he can be persuaded to get up on the stage.