Don't be so Nosy Posy by Nicola Grant


$45.00 $70.00


Author:  Nicola Grant

Posy, a piglet, is curious. She flits from animal to animal in the barnyard, asking them questions and getting on their nerves. Poking her nose into a hollow tree stirs up a swarm of angry bees and pushing the red horn on the tractor upsets the farmer. She doesn't mean to annoy-she just has an insatiable need to know about everything around her. Out in the field one day, she hears a sound that requires investigation. Upon discovering Callie Cow with her head stuck in a fence, Posy remembers what she has learned about the tractor's horn and presses it to summon help for her friend. Two sentences end with a question mark when it's unwarranted: "I wonder what that is?" and "I wonder what this does?" Large, brightly colored cartoons depict the cuddly pig and her cohorts in an idyllic English countryside. Children who share Posy's inquisitive nature will empathize with her quest to find out about her world.

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