Copy of Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs : Missing Treasure


Author : Giles Andreae

Flinn, a big dinosaur fan, is on a school trip to the museum to look at dinosaur skeletons.

After looking at the Giganotosaurus bones, he learns that the empty case in the next room housed the famous treasure of Captain Rufus Rumblebelly, which was stolen the previous night.

Then Flinn notices feathers leading to a cupboard doorway and slips through with his friends. But none of them are prepared for the adventures and danger that lie on the other side.

This latest Captain Flinn adventure finds Flinn and his friends fighting off pirate dinosaurs to recover Captain Rumblebelly's treasure and restore it to the museum. Each colourful page is filled from top to bottom with fantastic illustrations to create a really exciting read.