100 Facts : Speed


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By Miles Kelly

Essential topics covered in 100 Facts Speed: Units of measure, the concept of relativity and the idea of velocity Naturally fast movers and man-made speed machines The fastest speed the speed that light travels Examples of 'I don't believe it' fascinating facts: If sprinters have a wind faster than 2 metres per second blowing them along, their times cannot count as record-breakers. Otherwise they could gain 0.2 seconds over 100 meters! Tornadoes on Earth have wind speeds of over 350 kilometers per hour. On planet Neptune, storm winds blow over six times faster, at 2200 kilometers per hour! Head-to-toe swimsuits covered with thousands of tiny 'teeth', like real shark skin, increase swimming speed but are banned in official races. Activities to make learning accessible and interactive include: Host a worm Olympics by rolling up sheets of paper into tubes and placing some worms at the 'start' line see who wins the race! Quiz question: Which are faster radio waves, microwaves or X-rays? Measure how important distance is for an object to gain more energy by dropping a tennis ball down a ramp made of card at different heights. Does it roll further from higher up?