100 Facts : Solar System


Author : Ian Graham

100 Facts Solar System is a fantastic illustrated children's book for 710 year olds. Readers can discover why Earth is the only planet that can support life, which planet has the most moons and what Saturns rings are made of. Covering a wide range of fascinating topics from comets and asteroids to the Suns gravity, 100 numbered facts will challenge children, encouraging reading from start to finish. Every page is creatively designed and packed with amazing photographs and artwork. Activities, quizzes and cartoons add further information and an extra element of fun, making 100 Facts Solar System the perfect introduction to this incredible topic. Topics covered: What is the Solar System?, Where did it all come from?, The Sun, Mercury, the smallest planet, Venus, Earth in space, Our Moon, Solar and lunar eclipses, Meteors and comets, Mars, the red planet, Astonishing asteroids, Jupiter, the giant gas planet, Jupiters moons, Saturn's rings, Saturns moons, Uranus, Neptune, Distant travellers, Dwarf planets, The search for life, The Solar Systems future.