100 Facts : Bears


100 Facts Bears is an interesting illustrated children's nature book, presenting the world of bears in stunning detail for ages 7-10 years. Discover amazing facts about the different bear species, and the habitats in which they live. Exactly 100 facts accompanied by photographs and beautiful artwork will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the book. Projects to make and do, hilarious facts and cartoons bring an extra element of fun. Add a detailed index, and 100 Facts is a perfect introduction to this fascinating topic. Topics covered: What is a bear?, Habits and homes, Bears from the past, Curious cousins, Cute cubs, Black bears, Surviving the winter, Polar bears, Life in the cold, Brown bears, Hunting, Moon bears, Sloth bears, Spectacled bears, Sun bears, Giant pandas, Under threat, Myths and legends, Bear behaviour, Harm and help.